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“Bees work for man and yet they never bruise Their Master’s flower, but leave it having done, As fair as ever and as fit to use; So both stay and Honey runs” ----- George Herbert

Hi-Tech Natural Products (India) Ltd is a leading ISO 22000:2005 F.S.M. certified manufacturer, trader, exporter & supplier of Honey & Honeybee related products since 2003. We are a registered SSI unit, APEDA, EIC & AGMARK approved Company. We provide complete solution of Beekeeping to our clients.

Our factory is located at Saharanpur, U.P. Its processing capacity is 20 tons in a day. Bottle Filling capacity of our plant is 5 – 10 tons in a day, in single shift. We always welcome our regular & prospective clients at our site for visit. As our site is located at U.P. so our clients get the benefit of Tax exemption.
We, Hi-Tech Natural Products (India) Ltd, offer pure honey free from antibiotic and all type of Beekeeping equipments. Our product variety includes Honey and Honey Bee product such as Pollen, Comb Foundation Sheets, Beeswax, Propolis, Royal Jelly, cleaning brushes, Beehive and other Beekeeping related Equipments. In addition, we also involve in culture of earthworms for compost purposes. We ensure hygiene, high quality, and traceability within our entire array of Bee products. 

Our process expertise and well-equipped production facilities aid us in providing different varieties of pure honey. These products find their application in distinctive food industries and even successfully meet different requisites of our domestic clients. To ensure good extraction quality, we maintain complete traceability regarding honey procurement from collection to its final packing under utmost stringent hygienic conditions.

In addition to this, we also provide Beekeeping equipments, which impart optimum functionality within the involved processes. Our skilled and experienced staff along with the research personnel aids us in delivering products range with high operational efficiency.

Our Product Range
Being highly innovative and versatile, Hi-Tech Natural Products has developed a large catalog of products, so as to cater the requisites of the retail market, commercial beekeeping as well as the individual enthusiast. To ensure high quality, we inspect honey on the basis of pollen content, color, sugar level, Antibiotics, water content, HMF, F/G ratio, reducing sugar before and after inversion, sucrose, Moisture, and others attributes.


Mustard/Rape honey, Jamun honey, Litchi honey, Multi Flower honey, Forest honey, Eucalyptus honey,

Honey bee product:

Bee Pollen, Propolis(Liquid), Propolis (Raw), Royal Jelly Powder, Bees Wax, Bee Venom


Bee hive:

Bee hive with Super, Bee hive without super

Beekeeping  dress:

Beekeeping  suit, Jacket, Bee veil, Beekeeping Gloves

Bee keeping equipments and tools:

Cleaning Brushes, Pollen Trap, Propolis strip, Queen rearing kit, Bee venom collector,Hive Tool, Queen Excluder, Honey Extractor, Queen cage, hive gate, queen cell cup, Royal jelly extraction kit, Bee smoker, SS knifeComb foundation sheets etc.

Earth worm and vermicompost:

Earthworm, Vermicompost.

The success story of Hi-Tech is backed by the wonderful team . Their commitment, dedication, love for bee-keeping and the products we offer, have made us stand as one of the renowned forces within the country. We have with us the services of 60 industry experts holding thorough knowledge and extensive experience within honey extraction and handling processes. Their huge industry experience aids us in imparting extremely high quality, pure and hygienic array of our honey products for meeting the domestic as well as overseas requisites of the clients.

In addition to this, our team's complete grasp of industry knowledge allows us in providing highly effective and operational array of honey extraction/processing equipments, which are acclaimed internationally for their superior quality.

We believe that the best way of retaining a client is to serve them with the highest quality products. Therefore, our quality parameters are one of the utmost stringent ones applicable all over the world. Our quality management personnel's expertise aids us in ensuring the highest possible purity within our honey products. We follow strong quality assurance system for delivering hygienic array of honey in different varieties. This is done by performing following checks:

  • Removing impurities, pollens, wax, and other waste impurities
  • All the Vessels coming in contact of honey are manufactured of stainless steel for ensuring high product quality
  • AOAC methods for analyzing honey's quality & identity
  • We have our own well equipped chemical & antibiotic laboratories for chemical testing and Antibiotic testing.
  • Residue analysis conducted for pesticides and antibiotics
  • Performing pollen count on all unifloral honey for their nomenclature
  • Constant quality monitoring of production specification such as color, flavors, acidity and moisture.
  • Absolute commercial analysis including HMF, F/G ratio, diastase & sugar profile
Manufacturing Facilities
Our contemporary processing and production facilities utilize some of the most modern and technologically advanced equipments possible. We have a well-equipped Processing or Refining, which comprises of sophisticated processing machines helping in imparting pure honey along with its characteristic colour, aroma, and beneficial attributes.

We have various site "apiaries" at distinctive locations for collecting natural honey. Complete gourmet of activities right from sourcing until the final production is carried out in our own units. Our processing plants are well-equipped with automatic machines with minimal involvement of staff. This helps us in delivering hygienic, aromatic and pure honey. Our in-house Lab for analysis and research activities also helps us in analyzing honey as per strict national and international qualitative standards.

We use our expertise for manufacturing and exporting honey extraction equipments and vermicompost products, as well as a host of various other products within our large range.

Research & Development
We have an absolutely developed Research and Development section, which continuously endeavors for ensuring that we use cutting-edge technology, simultaneous, developing better and faster processes for extraction and processing of honey. Our research personnel keep themselves abreast with the modern honey and associated equipment requisites of our clients. Further, they even assist us in involving advanced technologies in our production processes, ensuring enhancement both in terms of quality and quantity.

Production capacity
With production capacity is 20 tonnes in 8 hours, we offer pure honey according to the changing seasons. Moreover, our association with other small beekeepers also help us in delivering products in additional quantities.

Packaging and distribution
Since our products are critical, we ensure maximum care throughout its packaging and transportation, and believe that only if our products are received by our clients across the globe in perfect condition, were we able to satisfy that client. We impart our array of honey in quality packaging. These include small, bulk and other customized quantities according to the order requirements of our clients. We provide retail orders in measures viz 50 gms, 100gms, 200 gms, 500 gms to 1 kg and as per the buyers requirements. Similarly, for bulk orders, we offer packaging of up to 300 kgs.

We have a large repertoire of clients globally. This is mainly due to our consistent delivery of effective range of honey, associated extraction equipments, and vermicompost which has helped us in maintaining our dominant position within the global markets. Further, the competitive prices of our products range and their prompt availability within the markets has gained us a large clientele within both domestic and international markets. We strive to make sure that all our clients, large or small, single order or repeat order, are treated with high quality of production and processing as well as service.

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