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Beekeeping Equipments

In order to ensure that our clients can procure everything they need in beekeeping from one place we have started operations as beekeeping equipment manufacturer. We offer high quality Bee keeping equipments and tools such as cleaning brushes, nylon brushes, hive tools, knives, that we provide, find application in varied honey collection processes. In order to suit the clients' requirement, we ensure that all our products can be customized to precisely our clients' specification. Our team of experts and designers ensure that the client gets what they need and the beekeeping tools include  

Bee Brush

The cleaning brushes we provide are very soft, pliable and extremely flexible so that they can be used to clean the waxes from honey comb. We provide honey beekeeping equipments in a plethora of sizes, colours and designs and are manufactured using high quality nylon or horse hair. Our specialization lies in customizing the handles in choice of sizes, material and colors.

Our core strengths lie in:

  • Customization
  • Soft and flexible bristles
  • Made using high quality nylon or horse hair

Hive Tool

Hive tools are extensively used for loosening the frame and body of the hive. With the help of these tools, we can remove excess propolis from the hive and remove a bee sting from the body.

Recommendations for Maintenance:

  • It is advisable to sharpen the blade of a hive tool when needed. Most beekeepers do so at least once a year.
  • It is often advisable to clean the tool by flame, to ensure impurity removal.

We offer various types of high quality bee hive tools manufactured in our state-of-the- art manufacturing facility like:

  • Scraper type hive tool
  • Heavy duty J type hive tool
  • Lightweight J type hive tool
  • Stainless steel scraper type hive tool
  • Heavy duty scraper type hive tool
  • Uncapping fork
Stainless Steel Knives

In order to complete of portfolio of beekeeping equipments we offer premium quality knives, this is an important beekeeping equipment. It is used to scrape the capping of sealed honeycombs to expose the cells for the extraction of honey. These Knives are made from qualitative raw material , in our technologically advanced facility and are specially designed for convenience of the user.

  • Made from quality material
  • Easy extraction of honeycombs
  • Convenient to handle

Queen excluder

In beekeeping, the queen excluder is a selective barrier inside the beehive that allows worker bees but not the larger queens and drones to traverse the barrier.

The queen excluder is either a sheet of perforated metal or plastic or a wire grid in a frame. The openings are limited to 0.163 inches (4.1 mm).

The intent of the queen excluder is to limit the queen's access to the honey supers. If the queen lays eggs in the honey supers and a brood develops it is difficult to harvest a clean honey product and it makes fall management more difficult. We provide queen excluders, which is an equipment that prevents the queen bee to travel. This is a selective barrier inside the beehive that allows worker bees but not queens and drones to traverse the barrier.

This must be removed in the fall, otherwise the queen will not be able to move with the winter cluster and will die from exposure. The death of the queen in winter will doom the hive unless the beekeeper introduces a new queen in the spring.

Honey extractor

A honey extractor is a mechanical device used in the honey harvest. A honey extractor extracts the honey from the honey comb without destroying the comb. Extractors work by centrifugal force. A drum or container holds a frame basket which spins, flinging the honey out. With this method the wax comb stays intact within the frame and can be reused by the bees. We manufacture a wide range of honey extractors that are used to extract the honey from the honey combs. We deal in a variety of frames from 2 to 16 frames.

The main utility of this product is:

  • Collecting honey from combs
  • Easy to use
  • Honey settles fast at bottom
Stainless Steel Smoker

Our Stainless steel Smoker is the beekeeper's best line of defence. Most Beekeeper use "smoker" a device designed to generate smoke from the incomplete combustion of various fuels. Smoke calms bees and it's easy to inspect the bees hive. It is manufactured using the highest quality of stainless steel, with a hook on front to hang on hive, when not in use, for convenience.

Queen Gate and Cage:

Our products are made from best raw material and are available at competitive prices.

The competitive prices of our products and their easy availability in the markets have also helped us to earn a large clientele in both domestic as well as international markets. We offer superior quality queen bee gates and cages. These cages do not harm queen bee, easy to use and are convenient to place in hive.

Pollen Trap

Pollen is collected by installing a pollen trap at the entrance of the bee hive. There are varying designs for pollen traps. The pollen trap makes access to the hive harder for the foraging bees. In the process of climbing through the pollen trap wires some pollen is loosened from the bee's pollen basket and falls into a collection container. Varying recommendations describe leaving the pollen trap on for a few days or for more extended periods. Pollen collection works best in an area with various pollen sources throughout the year. Fresh pollen can be frozen or dried. We offer traps for collecting pollen pellets from legs of honey bees that are designed to trap pollen reserves. These traps vary in size, appearance, and method of installation on the hive.

Each has some feature that makes it particularly adaptable for a specific purpose.

  • Made from superior quality material
  • Available in different sizes
  • Easy installation

Bee Feeder

When sufficient pollen & nectar are not available from flowers ,Beekeepers provide artificial feeding like sugar syrup to the Honey Bees for keeping them alive.
Feeder is an equipment which is used for artificial feeding.
We manufacture & supply food graded plastic Frame feeder :
This plastic feeder is a narrow vessel resembling a standard frame that is placed in the upper deep-hive body, replacing one of the wall frames. Filled with a pint or two of syrup, bees have direct access to it.

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