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Beekeeping Dress

Each and every beekeeper, whether in a commercial organization or an individual back garden enthusiast, needs this dress. We are efficient beekeeping veil manufacturer, exporter, fabricating these dresses under stringent quality norms for the benefits of our customers. They need to be light, well ventilated, prevent the wearer from a bees attack as well have clear area of vision while protecting the wearer.

Beekeeping Suit & Jacket
The Beekeeping suits & Jackets we offer are of International quality. The Texture of Fabric is very good in quality. Bee veil is a light screening which fits over your head providing protection from biting & stinging of insects.

Bee veil:

We offer bee veils that are made with cloth and net, preferably plastic netting for protecting the head and neck of the beekeepers, from a bees attack. It has to ensure ease of movement and clarity of vision. Our superior quality bee veils are worn to prevent stings . Our designed and manufactured bee veils reflect best quality and can resist wear and tear for longer time, they are highly durable. These bee veils protect face and neck, always have features such as:

Gloves :
Gloves are used to extract the hygienic extraction of honey, and other bee related products. We have High quality leather gloves as well as rubber gloves for Beekeeping.

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