Producer & Exporter of Natural Honey and Honey Bee Products and Manufacturer of Beekeeping Equipments & Bee Suits.
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Corporate Governance

The company always looks after its employees, its associated personnel's, and surrounding environment, maintain neat and clean hygienic environment. Organization always safeguards the interest of employees & associated beekeepers. We provide the employment to poor beekeepers by supporting them and buying their honey on good market price. We regularly scrutinize the beekeeping practices of beekeepers & beekeeping farms to maintain the hygienic conditions for the assured quality. 

We have association with small and poor beekeepers. The total sale of products assists the life and survival of poor Beekeepers. for the employees organization have echo friendly working environment with well equipped facilities such as change room, rest room, separate urinals and liberty to the employee with a disciplined work culture. Child labor is strictly prohibited. 

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