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Earthworms and Vermicompost

Our vast experience and reliable processes have made us one of the leaders as Earthworm and vermicompost fertilizer suppliers. We provide earthworms and organic products like vermicompost material. This is an excellent technique for recycling food waste in the apartment as well as composting yard wastes in the backyard.

Eisenia fetida, known under various common names, including redworms, brandling worms, tiger worms and red wiggler worms, are a species of earthworm adapted to decaying organic material. We offer earth worms that help in producing vermicompost. They have the following advantages:

  • Biological advantages: In many soils, these play a major role in converting large pieces of organic matter into rich humus, and thus improving soil fertility.
  • For its burrowing activities, the earthworm is of great value in keeping the soil structure open, creating a multitude of channels that allow the processes of both aeration and drainage to occur.
  • Earthworm castings in the home garden often contain 5 to 11 times more nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium as the surrounding soil.
  • Secretions in the intestinal tracts of earthworms, along with soil passing through the earthworms, make nutrients more concentrated and available for plant uptake, including micro nutrients.


Being in the industry for over a decade and a half, we have mastered the art of vermicomposting, in order to provide our clientele a comprehensive range of vermicompost based products. These contain worm castings, bedding materials and organic wastes at various stages of decomposition. Further the red worms present in this compost helps in breaking down food wastes and other organic residues into nutrient-rich compost.
It is highly nutrient compost in comparison to other traditional garden compost. 

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