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Natural Honey is a vital source of carbohydrates, comprising 80% natural sugar, which is found in glucose and fructose form. Apart from this, various beneficial attributes of natural honey are the plentiful minerals and vitamin it contains.

We are reliable Pure Honey manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers in India offering high quality products. Natural Honey is one of the most demanded products because of its beneficial capabilities in health, nutrition, pharmacy and general usage. We have Antibiotic free honey that finds application in confectionery, baking and other applications. It is offered in different varieties such as Mustard/Rape, Barseem, Eucalyptus, Jamun, Multiflora and Litchi. We offer a variety of Honey from all across the country, many of which are very typical.

As manufacturer of honey we make sure to follow stringent procedures during the honey procurement process. Our wide assortment of products has gained international acclaim.

Uses & Benefits of Honey
Natural Honey is significant source of carbohydrates, consisting 80% natural sugar, which is found in glucose, fructose, and sucrose form. And also natural honey has various other beneficial attributes that is the abundant of minerals and vitamins.
Some of its benefits and uses include:

  • Honey is utilized for cooking, baking, as a spread on pancakes and breads, and as the addition over different beverages like tea.
  • It's used in commercial beverages as sweetener.
  • Used as a medicine for diseases such as skin allergies, asthma, cough and cold.
  • Honey can be utilized as a moisturizing mask for hair and skin.
  • It comprises of powerful antimicrobial properties, which soothes our raw tissues
  • Because of the natural anti-inflammatory effect, Honey supports quick healing of wounds.
  • It consists of antimicrobial agents, which prevent infections by killing bacteria within and around the wounds.

It is also used internally as it helps curing ulcers, specially stomach ulcers.
Variety of Natural Honey

Jamun & Litchi Honey
Jamun Honey, has a high demand among honey lovers in India and abroad. It is used as a sweetener in baked goods, with teas, & in some main dish glazes, it also offers benefits like:

  • Used as Ayurvedic nutrients for the diabetic patients
  • Keeps the body slim and fit

Litchi Honey comes with mild and sweet flavor and also rich in vitamins and minerals. This is used as a best medicine for patients suffering from asthma and cold.

Besides its excellent nutritional value, it can be also used as a calming and sedative agent.

Multi Flower Honey
We offer a wide range of multi flower honey that is produced by extracting honey naturally from different flowers. We offer clients pure and tasty multi flower honey. This comes in mild and sweet flavors and is rich in vitamins and minerals. These products are widely used by naturopaths and allopath for their high nutritional value as well as their medicinal properties, specifically for bronchial diseases.

Mustard/Rape Honey
We offer high quality Mustard Honey/Rape Honey in winter season. It is whitish in color & crystallized or creamy in form.

Eucalyptus Honey
The Eucalyptus honey offered by us, acclaims by our clients for the quality and purity.

We also offer Forest Honey, Coriander Honey, kadipatta Honey, Sisham Honey etc according to their season.

Seasonal chart of Honey:

September: khair honey, arhar honey, til honey, jowar honey.
October: Mustard honey/Rape Honey, eucalyptus honey
November: mustard honey, eucalyptus honey
December: mustard honey, eucalyptus honey
January: mustard honey
February: mustard honey, eucalyptus honey, coriander honey, saunf honey, coconut honey, rubber honey
March: mustard honey, eucalyptus honey, multi flower honey, litchi honey, pulm honey, saunf honey, sehjan honey
April: shisham honey, eucalyptus honey, multi flower honey, litchi honey, pulm honey, coriander honey, saunf honey
May: sunflower honey, berseem honey, neem honey

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